Collection: Ford

Make that new style truck sound and perform the way it should by increasing your exhaust flow, enhancing overall power needed for towing the biggest loads or simply just gaining 2-4 miles per gallon better fuel economy.

MPI’s patented pulse chamber provides the only true dual exhaust kit with guaranteed no in-cab droning . Giving you the sound of perfection.     

The MPI Exhaust Technologies true dual exhaust kit is the leading top quality, Direct Fit Exhaust system on the market. We utilize the highest grade tubing in all of our kits. Followed by an industry leading durable finish to prevent any corrosion, leaving a brighter, longer lasting finish. You have the ability to customize your new exhaust to your exact personal style of choice. We offer either a nice and mellow tone with a clean classic chrome look, or you can stand out with some gloss black tips and MPI Performance Series mufflers for that true performance tone.


Chet Larson (Larson Farms) - MPI Performance Series