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MPI Exhaust Technologies

MPI Performance Plus Mufflers

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This is MPI Exhaust Most aggressive muffler options, Giving your truck that loud very aggressive exterior sound you are wanting, when used with our Pulse Chamber technologies for a 100% guaranteed no Drone. MPI Exhasut Patented Pulse chamber also keeps the interior of your ride nice and mellow even when you are screaming at 7,000 RPMS! 

This is a Single Chamber V Buffered design considered, commonly know as a " 10 Series " Parried side-by side to fit all MPI Exhaust kits. These dual muffler design proved a better more controlled sound while still have those Hugh MPI Performance Incases. Welded together right here in Montana for the best Quality with the end result meaning a better sounding longer lasting muffler that will out live the your truck    

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MPI Performance Series Plus Kits 

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