Our Facility

Embark on a virtual tour of our cutting-edge facility, where innovation and precision craftsmanship come together to create top-of-the-line exhaust systems. From our meticulously organized production floor to our advanced quality control processes, witness firsthand the dedication and expertise that define MPI Exhaust. Join us as we invite you to discover the heart of our operations and see why we're setting the standard in the industry. 

Situated in the heart of Montana, our expansive production facility spans 10,000 square feet, complemented by a vast 25,000 square foot warehouse. This setup guarantees same-day shipment for all orders, eliminating any waiting time. Leveraging state-of-the-art CNC machines, we meticulously ensure the precision and accuracy of each part manufactured.

Mike of MPI Exhaust

Underneath View of a completed 1988 Chevy with a LS3. Paired with Our universal fit PC8 Followed with a Pair of MPI Performance Series Mufflers.